Marketing Strategy

Keep Calm and Close the Deal

When you believe in your company and what you are selling, you become the best salesperson.  People are coming you to your business because you have something that appeals to them and they want to purchase.  You have to make sure the customers know what they are getting and YOU have to educate them on why they need the service.  There will be times when you feel like giving up because you are constantly comparing yourself to your competition and your favorite social media influencer have you in your feelings.  STOP!!!! You are an individual and your products are a representation of you.  In order to be a successful womanprenuer you have to realize that your sales will go up and down, but customer service stays forever.  Are you engaging with your customers or are you constantly telling them what you have to sell to them?  The #1 mistake we make as business owners are that we are constantly trying to sell a product and not a service….  

I have outlined the top 7 mistakes to avoid when you are trying to sell your products and turn that NO into a YES!!

  1. Not knowing your product well enough.  What benefits will your product have for the customer.  Why should they purchase your product.
  • Not building some type of rapport with your customers.  Talk to your customers.  Most people can tell when you are genuine and will connect with you on so many different levels that they will become your customer for life.   
  • Not presenting the benefits of buying your products.  Why should the average consumer purchase your products.  What sets you apart from the rest.
  • Not knowing your competition well enough. Are you researching in your niche/target market to see what the competition is selling and how they are marketing their products.
  • Not asking enough questions.  Are you actually listening to your customers or are you focused more on making the sell.  Sometimes we have to step back into the mindset of a customer.  Ask yourself, why would you buy from YOU?
  • Giving away your profit.  This means that you are undercharging for your products and don’t know the actual sales strategy to use and you are losing money.  Never lower your price, add value.
  • Everyone is NOT your customer.  I repeat everyone is not your customer.  Can the person who you are marketing to afford your products.

A good entrepreneur knows that a customer will purchase a product if it will solve a problem or help simplify his or her life.  Some entrepreneurs always think about how much money they can make, but the better way to think is how can I fulfill other people’s lives and make it better. 

Remember Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottles in it’s first year.  Never give up!! 

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