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Divas, These Time Management Tips Really Work!!!

The post you are about to embark on will definitely change your prospective on time management.  If you’re struggling to find time throughout the day, you’re not alone. Staying on task can seem like a chore some days. 

The hard truth is other people’s energy, and your environment can play a huge role in your time management skills and in turn, your productivity.  I take pride in that I can manage to do, and the tips can be applied to all LIFESTYLES. 

Whether you are a Mompreneur, Solopreneur, or a Divapreneur, the tips I will provide are practical… where you can create a schedule and/or routine and practice self-discipline.

It will take some hard work, but trust me if you apply these tips, the sky will be the LIMIT.

Change Your Mindset: I love this tip. Your mindset is the one thing that hinders your progress in every aspect on your life.  You have to have the willpower to hold yourself accountable.  For example, some days, I am all over the place, like a chicken with its head cut off (excuse the pun).  If my plan was to work out in the evening and I got home really late, my excuse would be, I will just do an extra 30 minutes tomorrow.  NO!!! Your mindset should be, Girl, get your a$$ to the gym and slay the rest of your day. I also have a free guide on how to motivate yourself.

Multitasking Does Work: As much as it might seem like it doesn’t, multitasking does make you more productive. I have tried it many times and always come to the same conclusion that doing one or more things at a time, and really focusing on that one/two things, is the most efficient way to work.  I am full-time in the Armed Forces, Part-time Instructor, Entrepreneur, and Blogger (whew, I just got exhausted from writing all that)!!

Self-Awareness: I am an avid listener of Gary Vee ( I love his podcast) and he is always talking about self-awareness.  He is always saying how you need to know yourself, what makes you tick, what makes you happy.  I am a believer in doing what makes you happy.  Spending my free time working out, blogging, and creating content makes me happy. Also spending time with my hubby watching Netflix+ Chill all night makes me happy, and that’s all that matters.  You have to do what makes you happy, and not depend on the other’s for that achievement.  You have to design a life that may not be popular to other people, but is something  that is attainable for YOU.

Delegating: Knowing when to let go of a task and let someone else do it is another super important skill. Sometimes we are so caught up in our little world that it can seem like we are the only ones who know how to do our tasks right. It’s okay to let the reins go and hire someone to take on some of your daily tasks. The chances are that there are some people who can do our jobs better than we could.

Overall, time management can help you be productive and less stressed. It may take you some practice before you really develop the right skills, but at the end of the day, it’s worth the effort.

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  • Shawn Alexus

    Great content. With the overwhelming to-dos in this busy life, I agree time management is a plus. And sometimes you have to say “Forget it all. I’m going to rest.” Ha-Ha

    • Shay H. Elle

      Hi Shawn, thanks for the feedback. There are plenty days when I throw in the towel, and say” Set it and forget it” LOL 🙂

      • Shay H. Elle

        Hi Vanessa, thanks for stopping by. You are correct, we have to be selfish sometimes and think about ourselves. How do you manage your tasks?

  • Enoma

    Delegating is a powerful tool but it usually requires some support and development. I think it’s important to make sure we schedule time to grow the people we delegate to.

    • Shay H. Elle

      Hi Enoma, thanks for stopping by. A lot of people have trouble letting go and having others help them. It takes a strong person to realize they need help with their daily tasks. Way to GO 🙂

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