Why Failure is the Key Ingredient to Success!

1. Learn from your mistakes-Each time you “fail” at something, take the time to learn as much as you possibly can about the experience, so you are better prepared for the next time.

2. Let it go-Once you have learned what you need to from your mistake – LET IT GO. You can not move forward when you are facing the past. 

3. Don’t be afraid to try again- Remember when you first learned to ride a bike and you fell over and over again.  The fear of falling down again paled in comparison to your drive and determination to ride that bike. Don’t let your fear from your last failure keep you from achieving your dream.

4. Take baby steps-If you truly feel “paralyzed” by your fear, take baby steps to get started. “Get your feet wet” standing on the steps for a while until you get relaxed enough to take another step.

5. Keep a positive attitude-Keep Calm and always Smile! Positive Minds…Positive Vibes…..Positive Life

6. Understand that failure is a part of learning-You absolutely can’t have success without failures along the way.  It is kind of like “every no gets you closer to a yes” – well, every failure gets you closer to a success.

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