Top Fitness Trends of 2020

Health trends have grown exponentially over the years and 2020 seems to have fitness on the hit list of must-do things. Perhaps, this is because people are increasingly recognizing the health advantages that physical fitness carries. Similarly, there are new improvements in workout clothes and devices that can optimize our performance during an exercise routine. These significant changes are what continues to define the new decade. It is obvious that we would be doing things a lot differently than we used to. 

In line with this, experts have defined the trends that will govern the world of workout from 2020. Work at home will be important, and routines will become more effective. Which improvements and routines will last over time? Which will solely become a fad? The answers to these questions can only be gotten as time goes on. What we can say for now however is that the fitness industry does not seem to lose strength and will instead gain an increasing number of followers. Here, I’ll analyze the top fitness trends according to the fitness trends ranking: 

Wearable Technology: Wearable technology has been on the rise since 2016 and has been the no. 1 trend since then, dropping only slightly to no. 3 in 2018. Wearable technology includes fitness trackers, smartwatches for optimal recording and analysis, GPS tracking devices and HR monitors. These devices are able to track sitting time, calories HR and so on. Wearable technology is said to be estimated at about $95 billion in the industry. 

Group Workouts: Group workouts has been a trend for creating new social bonds in locations like gyms. This is why group education will be one of the developments that we will see evolve in 2020 and in the coming years. Group training requires more than five participants. These classes are designed to be motivational sessions for different levels of fitness, from indoor cycling to dance or step classes and even cardio-based classes. This is why group training will be a major trend that will evolve greatly in 2020 and in the coming decade. 

Personal Training: Personal training is a trend as access to professional training can now be gotten in health clubs, online, at home, at worksites with fitness facilities and so on. Personal training includes goal setting and fitness testing while working in conjunction with a professional trainer. The trainer suggests workout routines that will meet the client’s needs and goals. 

Functional Exercises: This trend has won thousands of followers all over the world and focuses on the way we perform movements. Functional exercises help us to learn the use of appropriate techniques that will impact our muscles.

Exercising  Both Your Thoughts and Your Body: Yes, exercising can also be a form of healing. And it is a high-quality tool to relieve nervousness and minimize stress. So many people go to the gymnasium to drain rather than to get in shape and that would be even trendier in 2020. In training, extra interest will be given to what happens before and after the sessions. And this is great because it will be having an enormous effect on our wellbeing. Exercising will be focusing on the mind as much as it does on the body and there would be an emphasis on relieving stress.

Exercise in Medicine: Exercise in medicine is a health initiative that primarily focuses on encouraging physicians and health care personnel to include physical assessments in treatments they recommend to their patients and also refer them to professional instructors. 

Fitness Programs for Adults: This trend stresses the need for fitness routines for the older generation. To provide a healthier living for them in a way that keeps them active.

Health and Wellness Coaching: This helps to integrate behavioral science into promoting health and lifestyle programs. This uses a one on one approach where the coach provides support, helps to set goals with the clients, understand the client’s needs and focuses on the client’s values. 

Exercise for Weight Loss: It’s necessary for diet plans to include exercise programs into daily routine of the client to help with calorie reduction. This is a top trend that we will continue to see in 2020 and which has been ranked no 5. 

Outdoor Activities: Partaking in more outdoor activities like group rides, hiking etc. has become popular. This can be short events, a day long or even planned weekend excursions. Outdoor activities will continue to be a top fitness in 2020.

Yoga: Yoga over the years has taken on a variety of forms which includes, yoga in hot environments, power yoga, yogilates and other. There are many demands on videos, books and certification from many yoga forms. 

Outcome Measurements: This is one of the top fitness trends of 2020. It is meant to help define, report and track the results of the trainer and the client. This leads to accountability for both parties and provides measures that are necessary to determine the importance of health and fitness programs. 

Children and Exercise: This is a trend that helps to prevent and treat obesity in children. It is aimed at reducing a major health issue that affects children and can cause other medical issues like diabetes and hypertension. 


These trends are making fitness more valuable and promise to do so throughout the year. Inculcating some of these trends is sure to make your fitness goals a reality. Stay fit and stay healthy throughout the year.

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